Southern Appalachian Radio Museum 2013

Old transceiver made in Brazil

National NC-125 receiver (1950)

Old phonograph

National NC-88 receiver (1953)

Hammarlund SP-600 (1951)

Echophone EC-1B receiver (1946)

Old Thompson receiver

Old speaker

Old Atwater Kent Broadcast receiver

Hammarlund HQ-129X receiver (1946)

Zenith Trans-Oceanic receiver

Central Electronics Multiphase 20A (1954)

Shelf display

Shelf display

Hallicrafters S-76 receiver (1951)

Very early RCA superheterodyne receiver

Drake 1A receiver (1957)

B&W 5100 transmitter (1954)

Davco DR-30 receiver (1964)

Old Clough-Brengle Test Generator

Hallicrafters S22R (1941)

Hammarlund HQ-215 (1968) – This was the only solid state receiver that Hammarlund made and it was their last model before going out of business.

Old spark gap transmitter

Knight Kit Star Roamer and Knight Kit VHF receiver (1960)

Eico 723 CW transmitter (1960)

Gibson Girl Military Emergency Transmitter

Shelf display

Dr. John Kraus, W8JK (SK) Exhibit

Gary Poorman, K4VT (SK) Exhibit

Candler Correspondence Course for Morse Code Lessons

Morse Code keyer collection

Russell Stocker (W31PS) QSL cards

Clint Gorman (K4KRB), Curator/Treasurer and Myron Cherry (K4YA), President