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Our Asheville museum is located in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. Like  all Museums, funds are needed for advertising, brochures, displays,  supplies and more.  By helping ,  you will  see the museum grow,  and preserve the history of radio for young and older as well.  A home of our own is next on the agenda!

All contributions and/or pledges will be acknowledged in writing.  I understand that the Museum is an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and that my donation is a deductible contribution to the full extent of the law. 

This page is expressly for cash contributions.  This includes any cash/check.  (It also includes including pledges and donations for  the $100 Legacy Ten Group.  Members of this group typically pledge $100 or more each year for 10 years). 

If you are interested in longer term giving such as designating the Museum for a contribution in your will, please click on giving.html.  

If you wish to donate equipment, or if you are considering other types of donations, please  contact Norman Harrill, N4NH, Vice-President , 828-667-0409, or Clint Gorman, our Curator at 828-298-3992. You may wish to look at our Giving page which addresses many different contribution options.

We appreciate all donations and pledges.  You will receive a letter recognizing your support.

Send cash contributions or membership fees to:  Clint Gorman,  12 Trappers Run Drive,  Asheville, NC 28805.  


I WOULD LIKE TO HELP PRESERVE THE HISTORY OF RADIO!   _________.   My contribution is as follows:  

           $_______     cash(check)  

            Is the above a $100 donation for the the $100 Legacy Ten Group?  _________(yes/no)

            $________   pledge for________ (year)


(Please enclose a check for $20 and send it with this to Clint Gorman (above) and mark it "for SARM membership".  You may make it out to:  SARM

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